Blizzard - Our School Mascot

Be aware that we are a scent free school and there are students and staff in all areas of the school that are affected by the use of perfumed products.
Also there are nut and fish allergies at the school so please do not bring snacks or lunches that contain these items.

Weekly Reminders
Parent info meeting for ICF-January 25th @ 7 p.m.
Return ICF forms by January 26th

Monday, January 22nd Day 2
Spelling Test (for upcoming Spelling Bee) and Band tomorrow

Tuesday, January 23rd Day 3
Gym tomorrow (sliding-weather permitting)

Wednesday, January 24th Day 4
Music tomorrow

Thursday, January 25th Day 5
Band, CanSpell (Spelling Bee finals) and pizza tomorrow 

Friday, January 26th Day 6 
PD Day on Monday: no school for students

Have a great weekend !!