Homework and Reminders

Blizzard - Our School Mascot

Be aware that we are a scent free school and there are students and staff in all areas of the school that are affected by the use of perfumed products.
Also there are nut and fish allergies at the school so please do not bring snacks or lunches that contain these items.

Weekly Reminders
No school Friday - Professional Learning Day for Teachers
No School Monday - Winter Break

Kindness Week
We will be collecting for money the food bank all week!!!


Monday, February 11 Day 3 Rainbow Day
Quote of the Day: "One kind word can change someone's entire day."
Math Assessment Thursday
Don't forget to fill in your food journal
Gym tomorrow

Tuesday, February 12 Day 4 Red, Pink, White or Heart Day
Quote of the Day: "Be friendly."
Daily challenge: Say something kind to three people today.
Music tomorrow

Wednesday, February 13 Day 5 Undercover/Spy Day
Quote of the Day: "Show gratitude and thanks every day."
Daily challenge: Do something kind for two people without them knowing.
Band tomorrow

Thursday, February 14 Day 6 Valentine's Day
Daily Quote: "Kindness: Pay it Forward :)"
Daily challenge: Smile at someone new today, find someone new to play with and cooperate with.

No School Friday or Monday: Tuesday is Day 1

Friday, February 15 School Closed for Students

Enjoy the weekend!