Monday, September 11, 2017

Dear Parents,


From Tuesday, October 3rd to Tuesday, October 10th inclusive, the Grade Five class will be going to The Rooms to participate in Chevron Open Minds Program.  This field trip ties into many aspects of the Grade Five curriculum, providing unique opportunities for students to make stronger connections and to enhance their learning while at The Rooms and upon returning to the classroom.  Parents are encouraged to join us as a volunteer for any or all of the week but be sure to bring a lunch if you are going to be there all day.  Also, you will need to fill in the volunteer form from the office.  Please let me know if you cannot pick up this form and I can send it home with your child.  Please indicate on the attached permission slip if you would like to volunteer and what times you are available to come. If you cannot volunteer to help with supervision but would like to drop in for a little while to see what your child is doing, by all means, feel free to join us throughout the week.

In order for everything to run smoothly, we offer the following reminders:

  • The bus will leave our school each day immediately once the instructional day begins, so it is imperative that your child arrive at school by 8:30 a.m.  If you are running late and have missed the bus, it will be your responsibility to get your child to The Rooms.  We will return by bus to the school for dismissal.
  • Children need to bring a lunch each day, as we will eat lunch at The Rooms. 
  • Children must bring their school bag with them, as they will use it to carry their indoor shoes, their lunch and their school supplies.

The cost of our week at The Rooms is financed by Chevron but an additional $500 needs to be paid for by the school.  The $500 fee per class includes all busing between the school and The Rooms, student, teacher, and parent volunteer notebooks for journal writing and sketching, and any additional programming costs associated with our particular program. In this regard, we will need to charge a fee of $22.00 per student to cover this cost.  In the past, we have had a parent who has a connection with a company who has sponsored this event, so if you have a connection with such a company or group, you could let me know and I will inform the parents that the school cost has been covered.

 Students do require parental permission in order to participate.  Please return this permission slip and the registration money by Friday, September 22st.

 Yours truly,

Cathy Best, Grade Five teacher

Chevron Open Minds

Permission Slip

Child’s name: _________________________________________________________

  • My child  as permission to participate in the Chevron Open Minds program at The Rooms from Tuesday, October 3rd to Tuesday, October 10h inclusive and to travel by bus each day from the school and back.
  • I am willing to volunteer during the following times at The Rooms and I have completed the volunteer registration form from the office.
    • Tuesday, Oct 3 morning (8:45 – 11:30)
    • Tuesday, Oct 3 afternoon (11:30 – 2:15)
    • Wednesday, Oct 4 morning (8:45 – 11:30)
    • Wednesday, Oct 4 afternoon (11:30 – 2:15)
    • Thursday, Oct 5 morning (8:45 – 11:30)
    • Thursday, Oct 5 afternoon (11:30 – 2:15)
    • Friday morning, Oct 6 (8:45 – 11:30)
    • Friday afternoon, Oct. 6 (11:30 – 2:15)
    • Tuesday, Oct 10 morning (8:45 – 11:30)
    • Tuesday, Oct 10 afternoon (11:30 – 2:15)


  • Enclosed is $22.00 to cover the cost of the program.


Date: __________________________________________Amount enclosed: _________________________


Signature: _____________________________________________________________________________________